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Python with Power BI with

Lesson 2 of 6 course is dedicated to Python with Power BI.

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Where: We Work, 199 Bishopsgate

When Monday 24th June

What: Python with Power BI

Time: meet at reception from 17:30 for a 18:00 punctual start.

We will teach you to use Python with Power BI and look at it from 2 different view points.

1st the Power BI developer looking to take advantage of the new Python features and 2nd the AI ML data scientist enhancing their toolkit to use Power BI as their preferred visulisation tool.


Take a simple Python script and run it in Power BI

Create a Python script visual in Power BI

Use Python to call Azure Cognitive Services ML models

Use Python in Azure Notebooks & Jupyter notebooks

Use Power BI as your python data scientist visulization tool

This lesson is part of the advanced course for the 20 members already registered to learn Power BI Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence skills.

Only turn up if you are 1 of the official 20 members on

the 6 week course and attended last weeks Lesson 1 on Cognitive Services.

If you missed signing up for this 6 week course we will be running a September 2019 edition. Reach out to me for further details.

The course members will all become experts in the following areas of expertise.

The Power BI Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Solutions Apprentice course focus is about integrating AI tools with Power BI and includes:

· Power BI Data Scientist & AI landscape.

· Power BI forecasting and predictive modelling.

· Power BI & R (IDE: R Studio).

· Azure Machine Learning and Power BI integration.

· Python notebooks (Jupyter/azure) code integrated into Power BI Desktop

· Azure Cognitive Services features in Power BI.

· AI pipeline visualizations in Power BI.

· Power BI AI challenges.

· Additional bespoke requests.

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