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PowerBI AI London training course. June 2019 Sign up now.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Join our Power BI course starting June 17th 2019 where you will learn to create an Azure Machine Learning & Cognitive Services AI models and integrate them into Power BI using M, Python & R and AutoML dataflows. Basically all the latest cutting edge tools for Power Bi developers.

The Power BI advanced course is for 15 members wanting to learn Power BI Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence skills, we will meet for 6 weeks every Monday starting June 17th.

To become 1 of the 15 members of our elite course make sure you submit your application by Saturday 8th June.

•15 Power BI AI developers.

•Start 17th June 2019 every Monday eve for 6 weeks to 22nd July

•Application process: submit details & 1 paragraph explaining why you want to join the course.

•Course content: Azure ML, Azure Cognitive Services, Python, R, Dataflows with AI insights, PBI Enterprise Premium architecture, PowerBI Embedded, ML models and more.

•Deadline submit your application by Saturday 8th June 18:00

Results of successful candidates on Sunday 9th with final instructions for onboarding.

•Pay fee £90 (£15/eve) & enrol by Tuesday 11th June.

(Costs cover room hire and some snacks to keep our brains going after a long day).

•Optional Attend pre-course session Monday 3rd June

Complete application form here


•Join linkedin and connect with me ‘David Moss’ and also follow ‘wottabyte |Data Analytics’ then in Linkedin ‘Start a post’ and post to @wottabyte and @DavidMoss stating you have applied to join the ‘Wottabyte #PowerBI course’, with a link to and share with your network.

•If we are already connected simply do the post on Linkedin. Yes thanks we need some free PR.

I hope all the above makes sense and looking forward to receiving your applications to join the elite course.

The course members will all become experts in the following areas of expertise.

The Power BI Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Solutions Apprentice course focus is about integrating AI tools with Power BI and includes:

· Power BI Data Scientist & AI landscape.

· Power BI forecasting and predictive modelling.

· Power BI & R (IDE: R Studio).

· Azure Machine Learning and Power BI integration.

· Python notebooks (Jupyter/azure) code integrated into Power BI Desktop

· Azure Cognitive Services features in Power BI.

· AI pipeline visualizations in Power BI.

· Power BI AI challenges.

· Additional bespoke requests.

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