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PowerBI.AI community training

Following all your main feedback points let me share more details here....

This is a practical hands on intensive course with attendance and coursework, please only consider it if you can truly commit the time to it. To get the best from the course and create true value for the Power BI community we encourage applications from all sections of the community.

This course is aimed at BI analysts whom already have a good working knowledge of Power BI and whom are interested in extending the scope of their Power BI knowledge to integrate cutting edge Data Science & AI tools to keep themselves ahead of the curve.

This course is NOT for Power BI beginners. It is not for Data Scientists nor AI developers. The course is for Power BI developers looking to integrate Data Scientist & AI tools into their enhanced Power BI toolkit.

sign up for more details here

Watch this space.....David Moss

Power BI AI solutions advisor & trainer.

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