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Power BI Intermediate Developer

Proud to announce this Monday 28th January 2019 Wottabyte along with sponsor Isosceles Finance will be hosting Lesson 3 of 6 of the Power BI Intermediate Developer course.

Power BI developers Power BI TRaining students in class
Power BI developers London UK

This Lesson 3 of 6 we will catch up with your homework from lesson 2 with Power BI Time Intelligence DAX and see if students have used Bookmarks, sync slicers & custom tooltips and navigation arrows in their Power BI reports.

In Lesson 3 of 6 we will also cover:

Power BI Streaming.

DAX datamodelling with SCDs (type2).

Power Query Editor, parameters.

Workspaces good practice with both old & new workspaces.

Power BI Premium & Incremental Refresh

Looks like another exciting Power BI training

'sponsored by Isosceles Finance"

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