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Power BI Enterprise Lead 2/5 - Power BI Embedded-Premium & OPDGs

New Power BI Enterprise Lead training course in London.

Lesson 2 of 5 is dedicated to creating & configuring Power BI Premium Capacity, On Premises Data Gateway OPDG, Power BI SDLC with parameters & Row Level Security.

Where: We Work, 199 Bishopsgate, London When: Tuesday 1st October What: Power BI Premium config, OPDG, SDLC. Time: meet at reception from 17:45 for a 18:00 punctual start through to 20:00.

We will fireup & configure Power BI Premium Capacity, review security with OPDGs & Row Level Security for Power BI SDLC. Configure Power BI Premium workloads for AI, Datasets & Dataflows. All this to help you towards becoming the Power BI Enterprise Lead.

This lesson is part of the Q3'19 Power BI Enterprise Lead course for the 15 members already registered. Only turn up if you are 1 of the official 15 members on the 5 week course.

If you missed signing up for this 5 week course we will be running another edition soon. Reach out to me for further details.

The Power BI Enterprise Lead over this 5 week course we will learn about Dataflows, PBI Enterprise gateways, Common Data model, curated datamodels, Aggregations & composite datamodels, Workspaces & Apps, Build permissions, Performance analyser, DAX Studio, xml endpoints, monitoring the Power BI environment, Power BI Administrator features, Power BI Premium configuration, Integrating with Power Apps & Power Flow (Power Platform), building Power BI Solutions Architect & how to structure your Power BI team. · Additional bespoke requests.

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