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Power BI Beginners Lesson 2 of 10

Hi PowerBIers, Its David & Conrad here from that Power BI Beginner

online training you attended last Monday.

To keep upto date with the course and content you have 3 actions to complete.

1: PRE-REGISTER now for Lesson 2 which will happen on this Monday 25th Jan 2021 at the same time 17:00 GMT with a follow up Q&A workshop at 21:00

You can register for both events at

2: Do the Lesson 1 course work which helps you progress and get ready for Lesson 2.

COURSEWORK is explained here please do a Thumbs up LIKE on the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

3: DOWNLOAD course presentation slides from here

Simply click the ‘Download’ button.

Look forward to seeing you at Lesson 2

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