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Power BI Beginners Lesson 10/10

Power BI beginner training (1 hour online per week) – Lesson 10

Join us this 22nd March 2021 @ 17:00 GMT when we will follow on from Lesson 9 and learn how to operate as a Power BI developer enterprise team member in Power BI Workspaces with build permissions, Row Level Security datamodelling and configuration, Power Bi Gateways and more…. available to us in the Power BI enterprise solutions.

Everyone can join this ongoing 10 week online course…………even if you missed any of the earlier Lessons 1 - 9 ………

Preparation & Coursework to get ready for this Lesson 10 :

make sure you catch up on the course by following the live recording of all previous Lessons 1-9 from the YouTube playlist, downloading the slides and do the coursework from Lesson 1 -9 as preparation for this Lesson 10. You can get all the materials by going to our YouTube channel and watch the videos in the ‘Power BI Beginners Training 2021 Lesson 1 – 10’ playlist.


Join us on a career changing journey to become a proficient user of Microsoft Power BI with this completely FREE 10 weeks online global training course.

Each week we will have a 1 hour online training session followed by a hands on Q&A workshop.

We will teach you how to use many Power BI tools including Power Query Editor, Power BI Desktop & the services to analyse data and prepare Power BI reports.

The training will be in English. All global citizens are welcome to join. Training will be live in London GMT evening timezone starting at 17:00 and all sessions will be recorded and later published on YouTube for on demand consumption.

Your trainer will be David Moss, qualified Power BI Trainer, who always manages to make his online training sessions fun, interactive & highly informative. Our co-host and trainer Conrad Moss, an experienced & certified Power BI developer will be on the call to take your live chat questions and assist with the online training.

To get started make sure you have joined this meetup group called ‘The Power BI Apprentice’ and then register for each event.

For more details of the FULL free 10 week online training follow the below link

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