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Azure Machine Learning Studio AI models & Power BI

New Power BI AI training by

Lesson 2 of 5 is dedicated to creating AI models in Azure Machine Learning Studio and consuming them in Power BI Premium and Power BI desktop for advanced analytics integration.

Where: We Work, 199 Bishopsgate, London When: Monday 30th September What: Azure Machine learning Studio with Power BI Time: meet at reception from 17:45 for a 18:00 punctual start through to 20:00.

We will activate our Azure Machine Learning Studio accounts, have an introduction to the AML Studio development environment & features. Create a Machine Learning model in preparation to consume the AI model within Power BI.

This will show how Power BI developers can extend their AI ML skill set & how AI ML data scientists can enhance their toolkit to use Power BI as their preferred visualization tool.

Specifically: use Azure Machine Learning Studio create, run & validate the ML model prepare the model for consumption in

This lesson is part of the advanced course for the 15 members already registered to learn Power BI Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence skills. Only turn up if you are 1 of the official 15 members on the 5 week course and attended last weeks lesson on Cognitive Services &

If you missed signing up for this 5 week course we will be running a November 2019 edition. Reach out to me for further details. The course members will all become experts in the following areas of expertise.

The Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Solutions course focus is about integrating AI tools with Power BI and includes: · Power BI Data Scientist & AI landscape. · Power BI forecasting and predictive modelling. · Power BI & R (IDE: R Studio). · Azure Machine Learning and Power BI integration. · Python notebooks (Jupyter/azure) code integrated into Power BI Desktop · Azure Cognitive Services features in Power BI. · AI pipeline visualizations in Power BI. · Power BI AI challenges. · Additional bespoke requests.

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